A compact electrochemical probe has been used to measure the redox potential ranges of molten Li2BeF4, a candidate nuclear reactor coolant commonly referred to as flibe, via a dynamic beryllium reference electrode. This probe is capable of operating on a loop, but was used on a static system in salt at temperatures up to 600°C. The probe has been used to measure Li2BeF4 salt with observed redox potentials ranging from −1.792 ± 0.002 V to −0.465 ± 0.134 V, yielding individual errors as low as ± 4 mV, and weighted groupings with errors as low as ± 1 mV. The most reducing measurement taken with acceptable error was −0.962 ± 0.011 V. This probe can be adapted for use in many laboratory experiments using flibe and should be considered for any corrosion experiment supporting the development of a next-generation molten salt reactor.