Heat transfer results for subcooled and saturated inverted annular film boiling (IAFB) obtained from a 7×7 rod bundle during transient reflood are presented in this paper. The test section consists of heater rods of 9.5-mm diameter and 12.6-mm pitch arranged in a square array. Flooding rates considered are 0.076 and 0.152 m/s, pressure varied from 138 to 414 kPa, and inlet subcooling up to 83 K. Evaluation of the data includes estimation of the local void fraction and Nusselt number during IAFB as well as in the inverted slug film boiling (ISFB) regime, which occurs when the inverted annular liquid column disintegrates. Experimental heat transfer results are compared with several film boiling models, and a new correlation for the Nusselt number is proposed for the IAFB and ISFB regimes. Predicted Nusselt numbers using the new correlation deviate from the experimental data by an average error of 15% and root-mean-square error of ∼30%.