Radioactive waste management is now a much discussed public issue, especially since the Taiwanese government announced that three operating nuclear power plants will be decommissioned on schedule. Safe, efficient, reliable, and sustainable solutions to the management of radioactive wastes are critical to the feasibility of the nuclear decommissioning project. Because of the lack of system integration within radioactive waste storage facilities, most of the radioactive waste information systems remain inconsistent. Therefore, the establishment of an intelligent integrated system that provides active assistance in tracing the processes of radioactive wastes is urgent.

This study is based on the technology of radio frequency identification for detection of radioactive waste locations. An automatic identification mechanism can monitor the status of storage and instantly notify the relevant parties. Meanwhile, this platform also employs the software agent as the infrastructure to construct the integrated information system architecture; the software agent has been widely accepted as an effective method to integrate heterogeneous systems of the new paradigm. The overall framework will help enhance the monitoring performance for radioactive waste.