Fuel cycle analyses of the transmutation of (a) all of the transuranics (TRUs) in light water reactor (LWR) spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and of (b) the minor actinides (MAs) remaining in SNF (after separation of much of the plutonium for starting up fast reactors) have been performed for the conceptual subcritical advanced burner reactor (SABR) fission-fusion hybrid sodium-cooled fast burner reactor. Both metallic and oxide burner reactor fuels were considered, and the effect of clad radiation damage limit on fuel residence time was investigated. For a radiation damage limit of 200 displacements per atom, the support ratio (LWR power/SABR power) for transmuting all of the TRUs produced by LWRs is 3/1, and for transmuting just the MAs produced by LWRs the support ratio is 25/1. The reduction in high-level waste repository capacity required due to this transmutation is a factor of 10, based on a decay heat at a 100 000-yr limit on capacity.