The Korea nuclear industry has been developing the thermal-hydraulic system analysis Safety and Performance Analysis CodE (SPACE) and the GAs Multicomponent Mixture Analysis (GAMMA) code for safety analysis of pressurized water reactors (PWRs) and high-temperature gas-cooled reactors (HTGRs), respectively. SPACE will replace outdated vendor-supplied codes and will be used for the safety analysis of operating PWRs and for the design of an advanced PWR. SPACE consists of up-to-date physical models of two-phase flow dealing with multidimensional two-fluid, three-field flow. GAMMA consists of multidimensional governing equations consisting of the basic equations for continuity, momentum conservation, energy conservation of the gas mixture, and mass conservation of n species. GAMMA is based on a porous media model so that thermofluid and chemical reaction behaviors in a multicomponent mixture system and heat transfer within solid components, free and forced convection between a solid and a fluid, and radiative heat transfer between solid surfaces can be dealt with. GAMMA has a two-dimensional helium turbine model based on the throughflow calculation and a coupled neutronics-thermal-hydraulic model. Extensive code assessment has been performed for the verification and validation of SPACE and GAMMA.