The Babcock & Wilcox Company launched an aggressive program in 2008 to develop a scalable nuclear reactor using its unique history of over 50 years of continuous reactor engineering and manufacturing. The B&W mPower™ reactor design is a passively safe advanced light water reactor (ALWR) with a below-ground containment structure. This optimized ALWR represents true generation III+ nuclear technology that B&W believes can be certified, manufactured, and operated within today's existing U.S. regulatory, industrial supply chain, and utility operational infrastructure.

The mPower reactor takes a competitive approach to plant operations and emphasizes safety and compliance with the EPRI Utilities Requirements Document (URD), incorporating decades of lessons learned from the operating fleet. The design's scalability, ease of transport, and independence from water rights for secondary heat rejection make it well suited for deployment in a wide range of applications, including incremental additions to the base load, load-following conditions, and industrial applications. The mPower reactor is also a viable solution to retrofit aging conventional power plants, leveraging the existing plant siting and transmission system.