A simple procedure to simulate the important kinetic features of counter-current processes in pulsed columns has been developed. The overall mass transfer coefficient was simplified to be constant along the column, and the stripping of Pu4+ by hydroxylamine is assumed to be instantaneous to avoid complex reaction rate calculations. The number of calculation cells can be determined by making calculations with an increasing number of cells until its influence becomes small enough. The validity of these simplifications was confirmed by comparing the calculation results with a wide range of measured data from extraction and stripping as well as Pu partition tests with laboratory, engineering, and pilot scale columns. This procedure is intended for use in a conceptual design study of a future fast breeder reactor (FBR) reprocessing plant. An example of its application in a flow sheet calculation was demonstrated, where a coextraction process of U and Pu was simulated to find the conditions to obtain a solution with Pu/(U + Pu) ratio being 30% from a typical feed of FBR spent fuel solution.