This paper describes the Monte Carlo codes KENO V.a and KENO-VI in SCALE that are primarily used to calculate multiplication factors and flux distributions of fissile systems. Both codes allow explicit geometric representation of the target systems and are used internationally for safety analyses involving fissile materials. KENO V.a has limiting geometric rules such as no intersections and no rotations. These limitations make KENO V.a execute very efficiently and run very fast. On the other hand, KENO-VI allows very complex geometric modeling. Both KENO codes can utilize either continuous-energy or multigroup cross-section data and have been thoroughly verified and validated with ENDF libraries through ENDF/B-VII.0, which has been first distributed with SCALE 6. Development of the Monte Carlo solution technique and solution methodology as applied in both KENO codes is explained in this paper. Available options and proper application of the options and techniques are also discussed. Finally, performance of the codes is demonstrated using published benchmark problems.