HANARO (High flux Advanced Neutron Application ReactOr) is an open-tank-in-pool-type, multipurpose research reactor. Since the commencement of HANARO operations in 1995, a significant number of experimental facilities have been developed and installed, and continued efforts to develop more facilities are in progress. Owing to a stable operation of the reactor and its rapid utilization, more experimental facilities are being continuously added to satisfy various fields of study and diverse applications. The equipment is classified into a capsule and a fuel test loop (FTL) for the irradiation tests of the nuclear fuels and materials in HANARO. Capsules for the irradiation tests of nuclear fuels in HANARO, under the conditions of its coolant and materials in dry conditions, have been developed. The FTL can conduct an irradiation test of a nuclear fuel under the operating conditions of commercial nuclear power plants. Three test fuel rods can be irradiated in HANARO by using the FTL. Some instrumentation such as thermocouples, linear variable differential transformers, small heaters, fluence monitors, and self-powered neutron detectors are used to perform the irradiation tests by using these irradiation devices. In this paper, the status of HANARO and its irradiation devices including the instrumentations and some results from these instrumentations during irradiation tests are described.