The cumulative yield of fission products within the mass range of 85 to 115 and 127 to 156, as well as the independent yield of some of the fission products, have been measured in the spontaneous fission of 244Cm by using an off-line γ-ray spectrometric technique. From the cumulative yield of the fission products, their mass chain yields were obtained by applying the charge distribution correction. Mass yield distribution parameters like full width at tenth maximum of light and heavy mass wing and the average light mass <AL> and heavy mass <AH>, as well as the total average neutron multiplicity <ν>expt were obtained. The fission yield data in the 244Cm(SF) reaction were compared with similar data in the neutron-induced fission and spontaneous fission of other actinides to examine the role of excitation energy. The effect of nuclear structure on the excitation energy deficit spontaneous systems has been clearly observed.