Estimated cross sections for neutron production from triton bombardment of gold are deduced from measurements of triton interactions with gas targets that used gold as a triton beam stop material. Differential cross sections for production of neutrons from 5.97-, 7.47-, 10.45-, 16.41- and 19.14-MeV tritons on 197Au were evaluated. Corrections for the neutron interaction in gold, in the target structure, and in the air of the flight path were obtained by means of a Monte Carlo technique. Uncorrelated scale uncertainties range from 24% to 41% whereas those of double-differential cross sections range from 0.2% to 5%. Based on these cross-section data, calculation of neutron yield at 0 deg from fully stopped tritons at 20.22 MeV agrees with an independent measurement. Least-squares fits with a gamma distribution model indicate an anisotropy in the high-energy portion of the neutron spectra. Legendre polynomial fits of differential cross sections are reported. All neutron cross-section data are made available through the Experimental Nuclear Reaction Data (EXFOR) library at international data centers.