The radionuclide 55Fe (t1/2 = 2.73 years) is one of the radionuclides produced in large quantities inside a fusion reactor. The excitation function of the (n,p) reaction from threshold to 20 MeV and proton emission spectra from the 55Fe target at 14-MeV neutron energy are calculated using optimized input parameters in the nuclear reaction modular codes EMPIRE-3.1 and TALYS-1.4. The codes account for the major nuclear reaction mechanisms, including direct, preequilibrium, and compound nucleus contributions. The present results of 55Fe(n,p)55Mn are compared with the existing evaluated nuclear data libraries ROSFOND-2010, JEFF-3.1, and EAF-2010 along with systematics around 14-MeV neutron energy. The prediction accuracy of the present calculation is considered to satisfy the requirement for fusion reactor applications. The theoretical nuclear model calculations with a reliable parameter set up to 20 MeV are recommended to estimate the cross section of radionuclides or unstable targets in the mass region A ∼ 50 to 60. The present work is an important step to study the cross section of the 55Fe(n,p)55Mn reaction by a surrogate method.