In handling of tritium-containing waste gas, tritium is oxidized to tritiated water and immobilized in a molecular sieve (MS), which is then disposed of as solid radioactive waste. So reemission of tritium from tritium-sorbed molecular sieve is concerned for tritium waste disposal. 4A, 5A and 10X MS were chosen for the tritium reemission test. The tritium-containing MS samples with specific activity of 3 GBq/g were prepared and the reemission coefficients of tritium from the three types of MS were determined. The effects of storage conditions of the MS on the reemission of tritium were examined. The results show that during two months of storage period, the reemission coefficients of 4A, 5A and 10X MS are (1.9~5.5) × 10-6 d-1g-1. Among them, 5A MS has the largest reemission coefficient and 4A MS the smallest. The tritium released from tritium-sorbed MS is mostly in the form of HTO, only less than 1.2% of the tritium is in the form of HT. The atmosphere for storing tritium-sorbed MS has rather effect on reemission of tritium. The reemission coefficient in argon is lower than that in Ar+2%H2.