We are developing an innovative ZrCo hydride bed design, which is characterized by a large cylindrical filter, very thin cylindrical metal hydride powder packed layer, and large relative heating area per unit weight of ZrCo powder for ITER fuel cycle application. To validate this design concept, two ZrCo bed models each loaded with 127 g of ZrCo were tested by using H2 gas. In the first model, ZrCo powder was packed into the 3 mm gap between the filter cylinder and the vessel, and mold heater elements were attached to the outer surface of the vessel. The second model consisted of a layer of ZrCo powder packing (7 mm thickness), coiled cable heaters attached independently to the outer surface of the primary vessel and the inner surface of the filter cylinder. This paper presents detailed design features of the ZrCo bed models, and test results of the beds performances, i.e., temperature transient of the ZrCo packed bed during fast heating, hydriding rate up to 90-99% recovery, and 90-98% delivery fraction.