In a lead-lithium (Pb-17Li) liquid metal blanket concept, Pb-17Li eutectic alloy circulates both as breeder and coolant under a strong plasma-confining magnetic field, experiencing magneto-hydro-dynamic (MHD) force: Lorentz force. An important aspect of the bilateral US/Japan collaboration on Tritium, Irradiations, and Thermofluid for America and Nippon (TITAN) is to investigate tritium behavior and thermal control in the Pb-17Li eutectic alloy, flow and heat transfer characterizations, and mitigation of MHD effects. The present paper focuses on Ultrasonic Doppler Velocimetry (UDV) as an effective diagnostic to measure the Pb-17Li flow in the presence of the strong magnetic field. This paper firstly describes a favorable wetting material for high-temperature transducer. Next, the acoustic property database of Pb-17Li eutectic alloy is presented. Finally, material analyses after high temperature measurements are performed to discuss the durability of titanium transducer.