Li17-Pb83 eutectic is considered as one of the option for ITER test blanket and breeder blanket of DEMO reactor. Properties of Li-Pb eutectic define the conditions of its application and breeder blanket design and vice versa operating conditions affect to the properties of eutectic that resulted in structure and properties changes. The paper deals with the structure peculiarities, physical and mechanical properties investigation of Li-Pb eutectic.

It was shown that Li-Pb eutectic may deviate from eutectic composition due to structure instability at some working conditions. Long term exposure at high temperature both in liquid and solid state resulted in non-homogeneity of microstructure of Li-Pb alloy.

Temperature dependencies of physical and mechanical properties (under compression and tension) and structure stability issues of Li-Pb eutectic and near eutectic alloys were studied. These results are discussed in the paper.