The Engineering Design and Engineering Validation Activities (EVEDA) of IFMIF, the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility, are started as one of three projects of the Broader Approach Agreement as the collaborative works between Japan and Europe, in June 2007.The main objective of the project is deliver the detailed, complete, and fully integrated engineering design the IFMIF. The designs of key subsystems are validated by executing prototyping or mockup studies. The main outcomes one year after the start of the project are: the design of the prototype accelerator of low-energy part up to 9 MeV with 125 mA continuous wave deuteron beam was updated and optimized to employ the superconducting resonators as the main linac; the purification methods for controlling the erosion/corrosion and radioactive products in the flowing lithium used as the neutron producing target material were examined under the laboratory-scale; and the concept of the irradiation test modules was elaborated further by conducting thermo-mechanical and hydraulic analyses.