We have developed high power four and eight way splitters for a new Lower Hybrid launcher. The motivation for the new launcher was the need to provide more power and reliability to the launcher structure. In addition there was a desire to simplify and increase the reliability of the implementation of the alumina windows. The launcher consists of 64 waveguide apertures powered by 8 klystrons with maximum power of 250 kW each at 4.6 GHz. Hence, it is necessary to split the power from each Klystron into eight separate waveguides. The outputs of the splitter have a difference in power less than 0.1dB and phase less than 2 degree. The design analysis of the splitter was done with the computer code CST. Structure analysis was performed using Ansys. The splitter is fabricated by machining an open cavity into a thick stainless steel plate creating the specified internal geometry. It is machined to a tight tolerance of +/- 0.005". A fitted lid is then welded on top of the open cavity using electron beam welding. The excess metal is removed with Electro discharge machining (EDM) creating the external geometry. The waveguides are then butt-welded to the splitter. Welding fixtures/parameters are being developed to achieve the desired tolerances. Two methods for attaching the ceramic windows are being evaluated, brazing and electro-forming.