A high heat flux test facility using a graphite heating panel was constructed and is presently in operation at Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, which is called KoHLT-1. One of the major purposes of this facility is to carry out a thermal cycle test of the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) FWQM (first wall qualification mockup). The facility is equipped with a graphite heating element, a water cooled box-type vacuum chamber, and diagnostic systems. Two mockups are installed in the chamber; two facing mockups are simultaneously heated by a graphite heater installed between two mockups. The graphite heating element has an effective irradiation area of 244 mm × 80 mm and its electrical power is provided by a 40 kW DC power supply. The diagnostic system consists of two independent calorimetric power measuring systems, thermocouples, a vacuum gauge, and a CCD camera. Water cooling, Be treatment, and vacuum pumping systems are also equipped. We performed thermal cycle tests for two Cu mockups, and for Cu and Cu/SS mockups ensure the performance of the KoHLT-1. After that, we carried out thermal cycle tests up to 220 cycles for Cu mockup and FWQM at 0.65 MW/m2, from which the reliability of the KoHLT-1 was verified.