The Japanese Government designated JAEA as the Domestic Agency of Japan (JADA) for the ITER Project just after the entry into force of the ITER Agreement on 24th Oct. 2007. In-kind procurements allotted to JADA amount to about 16% of the total according to the "Common Understandings on Procurement Allocation". The first procurement arrangement for 25% of the TF superconductors was concluded in November 2007 between the ITER Organization (IO) and the JADA After the bidding, venders for fabricating 15% of the TF conductors were selected in March 2008. The Quality Assurance Program of JADA, that is indispensable for implementing procurement, was approved by IO, and the Project Management of JADA subsequently got underway. Preparation for the procurement continues for the instruments and equipment that JA has the responsibility to procure. JADA also has performed tasks requested by IO on the PF conductor and the accelerator of the neutral beam injector system, etc.