The European Participant Team (PT) of the ITER project has developed coherent designs, validated in a comprehensive R&D programme, of the main systems which form the inner loop of the ITER Fuel Cycle (FC), consisting of the cryopumps (CP), mechanical backing pumps (RP), Torus Exhaust Processing (TEP), Isotope Separation System (ISS), Storage and Delivery System (SDS), and the Analytical System (ANS). The key objectives of the designs are flexibility to accommodate the different machine operating modes and parameter variations expected, minimization of global tritium inventory, and the use of robust, simple processing concepts to ensure longevity and ease of operation. The configuration of each of the systems has been frozen as a basis for a full investigation of the process performance, while the detailed mechanical and electrical design will be completed after site selection, as this may influence some details of the component selection and layout.