JET supports ITER both in development of technology and in torus operations. The latter include the study of ITER-like scenarios, operation in tritium (a trace tritium campaign has recently been completed), mitigation of ELMs and disruptions, investigation of tritium retention, real time control of plasma parameters, and control of extreme plasma shapes. Operation of highly shaped ITER scenarios has been demonstrated. Heating systems are being upgraded, with the enhanced NB system in full operation, an ITER-like RF antenna under manufacture, coupling of LHCD over large distances achieved and external conjugate-T matching of an RF antenna demonstrated. New diagnostics including halo current probes and neutron and alpha particle detector are being installed. In-vessel installation is being carried out remotely using up-graded remote handling tools. Analysis of tritiated samples from the 1997 tritium campaign, and the development detritiation methods for hard and soft waste continues. Substantial enhancement of JET to better exploit its capabilities in the preparations for ITER are presently being implemented.