To store, retrieve, and digest vast quantities of data have been of great interest since the need of scientific and technical data are explosively increased with a remarkable growth of industry. Also, the demands of reliable and accurate data have been greatly increased. A great while ago, advanced countries have archived and distributed data which are evaluated on accuracy and reliability and authorized by government. These activities are strengthening the international competitiveness of industry. For keeping pace with advanced countries, Korean government established National Center for Standard Reference Data (NCSRD) and started to develop and distribute SRD. Especially, in semiconducting industry, physical and chemical property data of plasma are key parameter to developing semiconducting device and semiconductor production technology. With these demands of reliable and accurate data, NCSRD is developing and distributing SRD Database for physical and chemical properties of plasma for strengthen international competitiveness of industry.

In this paper, it is introduced that the overall national system of standard reference data and the development and distribution of SRD for physical and chemical property of plasma.