The results of <<MHD>> experiment with quasispherical Laser-produced Plasma Clouds (LPC) expanding into strong (B0 ~10 kG) and uniform magnetic field at KI-1 facility of ILP are presented. Main characteristics and the influence of non-MHD flute instability onto effectiveness of plasma-field interaction were studied especially for the purpose of plasma confinement and the direct conversion of its kinetic energy into magnetic and electric ones (of pick-up coils). A new model of enhanced field penetration into plasma due to Hall-effect in its flutes and under conditions of finite ion Larmor radius is discussed. The data obtained on the current generation by LPC in short-circuited surrounding coils (with total conversion efficiency up to ~10%) are compared with the models of ILP and last results of relevant 3D/PIC calculations done at KU. All these results show the opportunities of LPC-experiments to simulate both space exploding plasmas (AMPTE) and MHD-effects of ICF micro-explosions in planned NIF experiments for study Laser Fusion Rocket like a VISTA.