The multifunctional Tritium Removal Facility (TRF) has been designed for the heavy water research reactor PIK in Russia. Along with the extraction of tritium and protium from a heavy water reflector of the reactor, the TRF provides the processing of heavy water waste and the production of tritium-free heavy water. The combined electrolysis catalytic exchange process and hydrogen cryogenic distillation are used at the TRF. A number of investigations have been made to obtain data for the TRF design. At present, the facility is under construction and a detailed design is being completed. The possibility of processing heavy water waste to produce heavy water simultaneously with the extraction of tritium and protium from the heavy water reactor will improve the functionality and economic efficiency of the TRF. The basic technological scheme of the facility and the main modes of its operation are presented along with the progress of the construction of the facility building and engineering systems.