The fuel cycle (FC) model FC-FNS is used for the calculation of hydrogen isotope flows in the fuel systems of the DEMO-FNS fusion neutron source (FNS) based on a tokamak with parameters R/a = 3.2 m/1 m, B = 5 T, Ipl = 4 to 5 MA, PNBI = 30 MW, РECR = 6 MW, and deuterium-tritium fusion power Pf = 40 MW. The FC-FNS model includes joint simulation of the gas, solid-state, and plasma flows of the fuel mixtures in the areas of the core and near-wall plasma when neon admixture is injected into the divertors. The basic principles of particle balance formation in the plasma and FC systems are described in the paper. In the process of fueling mode optimization, the requirements for productivity of the key FC systems containing the largest amount of T have been formulated. The FC configuration with the minimum tritium reserve (<2 kg) and the shortest processing time is selected.