This paper presents further investigation of the liquid phase catalytic exchange (LPCE) process on the LPCE-3 column (50-mm inner diameter and 2-m height) of the EVIO pilot plant. The characteristics of the column filled with alternating layers of RCTU-3SM hydrophobic catalyst and stainless steel spiral-prismatic packing have been studied at a catalyst/packing volume ratio of 2:1 and compared to a ratio of 4:1. The EVIO-5 computer model is used for the column performance evaluation (as before) but this time the mass transfer coefficient for phase exchange Bx is not fixed. Due to the unequivocal separation of the catalytic and phase exchange with the help of the EVIO-5 code, the comparison of catalyst activity given by mass transfer coefficient Kc has been made for the experiments at two different catalyst/packing volume ratios. The column performance has also been expressed by the value of the height-equivalent-to-theoretical-plate average along the column. Some experience concerning the control of an LPCE column operating at the mode “with independent flows” is discussed.