Taking into account Einstein’s general theory of relativity, a modification of Lockheed’s compact fusion reactor concept is proposed by replacing the two superconducting tori with rapidly rotating tori rotating in opposite directions. According to the general theory of relativity, two Coriolis force fields in opposite directions are set up, both of them having a negative mass density in their corotating reference systems, with a vanishing negative mass density in the center in between the rotating tori, where the hot fusion plasma is centered. Because of the Nernst effect going in the opposite direction, large toroidal currents are set up, repelling the hot plasma from the much cooler tori. This results in closed magnetic field lines for stable plasma confinement. The remaining problem, the removal of the heat released by neutron absorption in the metallic tori, can be resolved by a pulsed operation, axially injecting cool deuterium-tritium gas, from which the heat is externally removed by a radiator.