Boron nuclide and tritium projectile interactions are considerable in terms of nuclear energy systems. This study aims to investigate the realization of the nuclear fusion reactions of the bombardment of boron nuclei with tritium. In addition, the 8B(t,*), 9B(t,*), and 10B(t,*) reactions have focused on the use of the resulting product particles in nuclear technology applications, particularly in nuclear medicine applications, in terms of energy and number. Tritium-induced reactions from boron isotopes (8B, 9B, and 10B) at 50 and 100 MeV were modeled by the GEANT4 and EMPIRE Monte Carlo codes. Gamma, alpha, tritium, deuteron, proton, and neutron emission spectra (GEANT4-10.3) were obtained, and cross sections per energy (EMPIRE-3.2-MALTA) were calculated. Fusion cross sections and 6Li and 7Li production cross sections, which are critical in thermonuclear fusion reactors as basic fusion reactions, are discussed based on the 8B(t,*), 9B(t,*), and 10B(t,*) reactions.