In 2013–2014, the FliNaK/LiPb twin-loop system Operational Recovery Of Separated Hydrogen and Heat Inquiry-2 (Oroshhi-2) was constructed at National Institute for Fusion Science as a liquid blanket collaboration platform. Inventory of FLiNaK and LiPb in the system is ~120 L for each, and both loops are providing a stable circulation environment. Oroshhi-2 has flexible capability to perform integrated experiments by installing all the components required for the liquid blanket system in one circulating loop at the same time. A 3-T superconducting magnet and 1-T permanent magnet enable simulation of the reactor environment except for radiations. As of the year of 2018, eight experimental topics related to liquid blanket technologies have been performed, prepared, or proposed as the first step of the Oroshhi-2 experiments. These topics cover the various blanket issues widely from first wall to secondary loop for power generation.