Simulation of divertor target damage during thermal quench of the disruption in the future DEMO tokamak has been performed using the TOKES code. This parametric study includes damage estimation for disruptions of the plasma energy E0 in the DEMO core in the range of 0.4 to 1.3 GJ and of time duration 1 to 2 ms. According to the simulations, the maximum melt depth on the divertor targets is ~80 μm, independent of the energy content in the core. The melted pool maximum area grows from ~20 m2 for 0.4-GJ disruption to ~120 m2 for 1.3-GJ disruption. Maximum erosion depth is 4 μm for 1.3-GJ disruption and decreases to less than 1 μm with decreasing E0. The total quantity of vaporized tungsten ranges from 2 ∙ 1021 to 3 ∙ 1024 atoms for disruptions of 0.4 to 1.3 GJ. An additional parametric study has revealed weak dependence of the results from the characteristic widths λq of the disruptive flux in the scrape-off layer.