An all-welded ITER divertor Langmuir probe (DLP) model was analyzed by ANSYS 17.0. Temperature field and surface convective heat transfer were obtained by fluid analysis using ANSYS/CFX under both steady-state (10 MW/m2) and slow transient-state (20 MW/m2 for 10 s) working conditions. Mechanical analysis was performed with the temperature field as the preloading condition. The equivalent von-Mises stress and plastic strain distribution have been obtained. The analyzed results show that the DLPs would withstand very high temperature, which can reach 1852°C mainly owing to the extremely high heat flux as well as photon irradiation. The maximum temperature of the copper connection between the DLP and the monoblock would be 792°C, demonstrating that the bonding structure would not be destroyed. All the materials except the alumina pipe have undergone plastic yield analysis, implying that a low cycle strain-fatigue analysis needs to be done in the near future.