As one of the key components in tokamak fusion reactor, the divertor is often exposed to tritium environment, high heat flux, and neutron radiation which are harmful for human beings and the divertor itself, which is damaged easily. So maintenance for the divertor is necessary. However, due to neutron damage and activation, maintenance for the divertor should be done in a remote way rather than by personnel directly, especially the process for installing the divertor into the inner and outer rails in the vacuum vessel from the outside. As an important compatible structure for the divertor remote handling (RH) process, inner and outer supports should be considered for ensuring the RH process goes well. Thus this paper introduces the China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor divertor support design mechanism, including inner support and outer support, which are based on the requirements of RH. Then the electromagnetic forces generated by Halo current and Eddy current due to plasma disruption are analyzed in order to validate the design of the newly designed support mechanism.