For fusion application, there is a high demand for nuclear data for long-lived radionuclides produced in a neutron environment. Cobolt-60 (t1/2 = 5.3 years) is one of the radionuclides produced in a large amount inside the fusion reactor via different pathways. In this context, the excitation function of 60Co(n, p) and 60Co(n, α) reaction from threshold to 20 MeV has been calculated using TALYS-1.6 in the framework of the Hauser Feshbach statistical model along with preequilibrium effects. Outgoing (proton and alpha) particle energy spectra (dσ/dEp, dσ/dEα) and double-differential cross section (d2σ/dE dΩ) has also been estimated at 14 MeV incident neutron energy. Optimized input parameters used during the model calculation were determined by fitting the (n, p) and (n, α) cross sections to the experimental data for the adjacent stable nuclide 59Co. The activation analysis has also been carried out for 1 kg of stainless steel (SS316) using FISPACT-2007.