Controlled doping of inertial confinement fusion (ICF) targets is needed to enable nuclear diagnostics of implosions. Here, we demonstrate that ion implantation with a custom-designed carousel holder can be used for azimuthally uniform doping of ICF fuel capsules made from a glow discharge polymer (GDP). Particular emphasis is given to the selection of the initial wall thickness of GDP capsules as well as implantation and postimplantation annealing parameters in order to minimize capsule deformation during a postimplantation thermal treatment step. In contrast to GDP, ion-implanted high-density carbon exhibits excellent thermal stability and ~100% implantation efficiency for the entire range of ion doses studied (2 × 1014 to 1 × 1016 cm−2) and for annealing temperatures up to 700°C. Finally, we demonstrate a successful doping of planar Al targets with isotopes of Kr and Xe to doses of ~1017 cm−2.