The challenge of fabricating a shock convergence target is embedding the metal particle at the center of a plastic bead with ≤10-µm concentricity between the metal particle and plastic bead. Two types of the metal particle in plastic bead target were fabricated for the Ultra-Strong-Spherical Shock campaign: (1) a metal particle 50 µm in diameter embedded in the center of a 430-µm-diameter plastic bead and (2) the same metal particle and a 430-µm-diameter plastic bead with an embedded conical shield with the metal particle located at the tip of the conical shield. This paper describes the fabrication of these two target types; it includes the selection of the plastic bead material, how the metal particle was embedded in the plastic material, how the metal particle was attached to the end of the cone, how the plastic material was machined into a bead 430 µm in diameter, and how X-ray images were used to establish the particle position in the plastic material and how it was used for final metrology to determine the concentricity of the metal particle with respect to the plastic bead and the metal particle position with respect to the tip of the conical shield.