A measurement instrument utilizing dual, chromatic, confocal, distance sensors has been jointly developed by General Atomics and Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) for thickness and flatness measurement of target components used in dynamic materials properties (DMP) experiments on the SNL Z-Machine (Z). Compared to previous methods used in production of these types of targets, the tool saves time and yields a 4× reduction in thickness uncertainty which is one of the largest sources of error in equation of state measurements critical to supporting the National Nuclear Security Administration Stockpile Stewardship program and computer modeling of high energy density experiments. It has numerous differences from earlier instruments operating on the dual confocal sensor principle to accommodate DMP components including larger lateral travel, longer working distance, ability to measure flatness in addition to thickness, built-in thickness calibration standards for quickly checking calibration before and after each measurement, and streamlined operation. Thickness and flatness of 0.2- to 3.3-mm-thick sections of diamond-machined copper and aluminum can be measured to submicron accuracy. Sections up to 6 mm thick can be measured with as-yet undetermined accuracy. Samples must have one surface which is flat to within 300 µm, lateral dimensions of no more than 50 ×50 mm, and height less than 40 mm.