A design point is presented here for a prototype fusion neutron source for waste transmutation ( n/s), based on the adiabatic compression of a compact torus (spheromak). The design utilizes the CORSICA (2D equilibrium) and NIMROD (3D time-dependent MHD) codes as well as analytic modeling with target parameters Rinitial = 0.5 m, Rfinal = 0.167 m, Tinitial = 0.4 keV, Tfinal = 4 keV, ninitial = 2 × 1020 m–3 and nfinal = 50 × 1020 m–3, with radial convergence of C = 3. 3D time-dependent simulations of spheromak compression agree well with analytic models for adiabatic compression, if the run-in time . Knowing required, we design coils and passive structure (with CORSICA) to ensure stability; then design the capacitor bank needed to both form the target plasma and drive coils. We specify target parameters for the compression in terms of plasma beta, formation efficiency and energy confinement.