The Radial X-ray camera (RXC) is a diagnostic for the ITER tokamak. During baking and operation of ITER, the detector environment temperature will be up to 240°C, whereas the detectors must be kept below 70°C. Therefore, cooling of the detectors mounted in the camera is critical and necessary. In order to verify the effect of gas cooling for RXC detectors, a relevant test has been designed. Since the outcome of this test will be the supply of the RXC cooling system, the ITER Instrument and Control strategy was selected. Therefore, a Data Acquisition (DAQ) system was developed based on the Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS) framework, which implements functions for real-time data acquisition, temperature control, supervision, and archiving. Moreover, it is easy to configure control information according to user requirements. Also, some linear devices were used in the reconfiguration of EPICS. This technical note presents the entire architecture of the DAQ system and the details on the design of EPICS. The system has been implemented, and has provided reliable data for the experiment.