This technical note describes advances in the activity measurement of tritiated water with the method of scintillation counting in a solid fibre. The device described can be installed inline thus enabling the monitoring of a process without the need for taking samples. Due to the low overall costs, the system can be installed at various positions in a larger plant adding additional safety and better control over the process. The current technical note on the TRAMPEL setup (TRitium Activity Monitoring with a PhotomultipliEr in Liquids) focuses on the updates and enhanced detection limits due to an updated readout and DAQ system. It is now possible to measure inline down to activity concentrations of 104 Bq/ml, which is roughly one order of magnitude lower than previously reported. A possible memory effect as well as the influence of the filling level was investigated. All measurements were performed with a standalone (non-inline) cell but can be applied for a flow-through application, too.