Samples of tritiated LaNi4.15Al0.85 (LANA.85) and 13X zeolite were analyzed to obtain particle size distributions and tritium evolution rates in a simulated lung environment. This information was used to calculate intake-to-dose conversion factors (DCFs), which estimate the committed effective dose (CED) a worker would receive after inhaling either tritiated particulate. The DCFs for tritiated LANA.85 and 13X particulate with a default activity mean aerodynamic diameter (AMAD) of 5 μm were determined to be 1.01E-11 Sv/Bq and 1.11E-11 Sv/Bq, respectively. These results are comparable to that of HTO, 1.8E-11 Sv/Bq, indicating that urine bioassay results can conservatively estimate the dose delivered if the worker was exposed to any mixture of HTO, LANA.85, or 13X.