In this study, in order to enhance heat transfer performance of helium gas flow for divertor cooling, high thermal conductivity porous media that are copper-particles-sintered ones are introduced as the referential porous media. In order to predict the heat transfer performance of He gas impinging jet flow with the porous medium, nitrogen gas is used as the simulant of helium gas in the pressure range of 0.1 MPa to 0.8 MPa. With the porous medium, the particle introduced is highly size-adjusted one of 1000 μm in diameter and the porosity is almost 30 %. The maximum heat transfer performance is evaluated by numerically simulating temperature field in a heat transfer block based on the measured temperature data. The experiments prove that the heat transfer coefficient of N2 gas impinging jet flow with the porous medium is much higher than that of common impinging jet flow without the porous medium from the view point of not only flow velocity but also pumping power.