The diameter of pressurized tubes of F82H and B-doped F82H irradiated up to ~6 dpa have been measured by a non-contacting laser profilometer. The irradiation creep strains of F82H irradiated at 573 and 673K were almost linearly dependent on the effective stress level for stresses below 260 MPa and 170 MPa, respectively. The creep strain of 10BN-F82H was similar to that of F82H IEA at each effective stress level except 294 MPa at 573K irradiation. For 673K irradiation, the creep strain of some 10BN-F82H tubes was larger than that of F82H tubes. However, the generation of ~300 appm He did not cause a large difference in the irradiation creep behavior at 6 dpa.