The Hybrid Illinois Device for Research and Applications (HIDRA) is a medium sized classical stellarator using a l = 2, m = 5 configuration with a major radius R = 0.72 m and minor radius a = 0.19 m. HIDRA will initially be operated with 26 kW of magnetron heating (2.45 GHz) and will operate with a magnetic fields B0 = 0.087 T to 0.5 T. Electron temperatures up to Te = 20 eV and densities up to ne = 1×1018 m-3 are expected with Bernstein wave heating (OXB). HIDRA has a flexible magnetic configuration due to the addition of vertical field coils. HIDRA will be used mainly in the development of new dedicated plasma material interaction experiments in a fusion type environment. Development of multi-scale and multi phase materials adaptive to extreme environment will be a focus of HIDRA and UIUC’s expertise with in-situ diagnostics of materials will open up new opportunities for innovative material testing. HIDRA will also serve as an education and training the next generation of plasma and fusion scientists and engineers. Basic plasma physics with an emphasis on plasma material interactions will be a focus of HIDRA using established diagnostic techniques as well as the development of new diagnostics for understanding the basic plasma physics and plasma material interactions.