A neutron source for material and component tests is an essential tool for the DEMO reactor development.  An accelerator-based neutron source such as IFMIF is regarded as the most promising one in Japan and the EU.  The construction plan of IFMIF is still open due to the influence of the large cost overrun of ITER procurements.  Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) has a plan of a neutron source for material and component tests using an IFMIF/EVEDA prototype accelerator and a lithium test loop for the IFMIF target facility. Expected performances of three options; 9 MeV and upgrading to 26 or 40 MeV of deuteron beam, are discussed. At the back plate position of the target, 1.5, 14, and 25 dpa/fpy are expected for 9, 26, and 40 MeV case, respectively. The option of 40 MeV is desirable, however, the option of 26 MeV is acceptable for blanket functional tests and material tests.