A Flinak/LiPb twin-loop Orosh2i-2 was constructed in the Fusion Engineering Research Project of NIFS to establish an engineering basis for the “real function” of a liquid blanket for fusion energy reactors. It was constructed with a 3 T superconducting magnet, which is the strongest in the world for these purposes. In this study, 120 litter Flinak and LiPb were successfully prepared in-situ in a purified glove-box. Designed flow velocity up to 1.5 m/sec was achieved for both. The magnetic field and velocity dependence on pressure drop agreed well with theoretical predictions. Tentative plans for phased experiments within the next few years have been presented, including operation of Supercritical-CO2 Turbine (SCOT) power generation system in the Flinak loop.