The JT-60SA superconducting tokamak is now under construction toward the first plasma in March 2019 as a joint project between the Broader Approach (BA) Satellite Tokamak Programme between Japan and Europe, and the Japanese national programme. The JT-60SA mission is to contribute to early realization of fusion energy by supporting ITER and by complementing ITER in resolving key physics and engineering issues for DEMO reactors. Before procurements of the major components, some R&Ds for key techniques were performed. By November 2014, 25 procurement arrangements (PAs) have been launched (JA: 14 PAs, EU: 11 PAs) covering 88% of the total cost of the BA Satellite Tokamak Programme, and the main components have entered the manufacturing stage. In addition, the JT-60SA tokamak assembly started since January 2013. This paper summarizes the recent progress of the JT-60SA project.