On the GAMMA 10 tandem mirror, divertor simulation experiments progress with high-temperature plasmas produced by waves in ion-cyclotron range of frequency (ICRF) and open magnetic fields. In these experiments, high-temperature and high-density plasmas are required to be produced and controlled. In order to enhance the ion heating in the anchor cell, phase-control experiments, which use two ICRF antennas installed in the central cell and the anchor cell, are introduced. In these experiments, ICRF waves in the same frequency (10 MHz) are excited. Ion heating in the anchor cell is performed more effectively with phase control. In order to analyze wave propagation in the phase-control experiments, a three-dimensional full wave code (TASK/WF), in which parallel processing has been implemented recently, is introduced. In this technical note, we discuss ICRF wave excitation and propagation in the phase-control experiments. It is clearly observed by the experiments and wave analysis that the enhancement of ion heating in the anchor cell is performed by phase-control experiments.