Tritium is usually measured by using a liquid scintillation counter. However, liquid scintillator used for measurement will be radioactive waste fluid. To solve this issue, we have developed the method of measuring tritium samples with plasma-treated plastic scintillator sheets instead of liquid scintillator (Plasma method). With the Plasma method of 2-min plasma treatment, we had obtained measurement efficiency of 48 ± 2 % for 2 min measurement of tritium except for tritiated water. On the other hand, it needed almost 6 hours to obtain constant measurement efficiency. We tried putting silica gel beads into vials to remove H2O molecules from PS sheet surface quickly. The silica gel beads worked well and we got constant measurement efficiency within 1-3 hours. Also, we tried using other kinds of PS treated with plasma to obtain higher measurement efficiencies of tritium samples.