JAEA has two tritium handling laboratories, such as Tritium Processing Laboratory (TPL) in Tokai and DEMO R&D building in Rokkasho.  Specially, TPL has been accumulated a gram level tritium safety handling experiences without any accidental tritium release to the environment for more than 25years.  At the Grate East Japan Earthquake 2011, TPL received many effects, such as building surface crack etc., however, tritium confinement function was successfully maintained with adequate safety interlock actions and almost all safety related effects will be recovered within March 2014. Recently, our activities have been focused to the 1) ITER Detritiation system R&D task; 2) DEMO R&D tasks in Broader Approach (BA) activities, such as a) tritium accountancy, b) tritium interactions with various materials, and c) tritium durability; and 3) Recovery works from the Grate East Japan Earthquake 2011.